VELETA Sparkling Fruit Drink White Grape 6 x 75cl

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VELETA Sparkling Fruit Drink is a luxurious blend of handpicked grapes, with hints of Citric Acid, Water and Vitamins B extracts, making it, undeniably nutritious to the body. Its sparkling, rich & delicious taste makes it enjoyable, at every time and by everyone.

For consumers:

Why consumers should buy Veleta.

  • Veleta is a Quality brand from the stables of Intercontinental Distillers Ltd
  • Veleta comes in an elegant Bottle, adorned with an exquisite silvery foil around the neck & label
  • In every bottle of Veleta, is a luxurious blend of Grapes, Citric Acid and water, crowned with a wire corkage and Oak Cock, which not only protects the liquid, but makes a delightful
    “pop” when opened.
  • Veleta makes every occasion elegant and adds that extra flare on any cocktail & mock tail mix.
  • Great value for money.


For the retailers:

Why should you stock Veleta?

  • Premium product quality.
  • Unbeatable Profit Margin per bottle.
  • Available in different pack sizes and variants that makes every occasion luxurious.

Key differentiation from competition

  • It has a distinctive packaging, vibrant look and luxurious feel across all variants.
  • Unique recipe produced from handpicked grapes, citric acid, water and Vitamins B extracts.
  • Premium product from the quality house of IDL.

Available SKU’s

Available in 4 pack sizes, in 3 variants- Red Grape, White Grape, Peach Grape.

  • 75cl x 12 bottles
  • 75cl x 6 bottles
  • 37.5cl x 12 bottles
  • 37.5cl x 6 bottles


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